Control or Service?

Some people are deemed “control” freaks. I got to thinking about that. I was watching an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy and there was a patient that had OCD and Cristina, a very strong, very “A” personality person was tending to him. He said that they were alike. The difference is that she had found a constructive way to channel her energy as a surgeon and his energy took the form of OCD which is just another “A” personality type of control. Hmmmmm???

If you have someone in your life who always wants to drive, who wants to be the host, who is always making themselves available for the family and friend events that arise at the last-minute, perhaps they just want to be of service. Yes, they may have some control issues too but, think of the whole person. Are they also philanthropists? Are they volunteers? Do they find pleasure in the planning and organizing of things…any thing?? So cut ’em a break! Cut yourself a break – if you are this person.

I am that person. Yes, I like control, for various reasons. However, I also, enjoy having people to take care of. I enjoy having a hand in serving a group of people and educating them about themselves. I love the ah ha moment! Is that control? NO! I love to serve. Most people think I am selfish and self-absorbed. I’m a single woman with no kids, of course I’m selfish and self-absorbed. Who else do I have to think about? That is why I am of service. In service, I get to help. I get to be a mother, a nurse, a counselor, a friend, another set of hands, a neutral party, an unbiased sounding board, and so much more. I also get to grow myself because I have put myself in a position of follower and as I’ve said before, the best leaders, know how to follow. There are so many opportunities to practice.

Stop and think before you judge. Not every control freak needs to be in control all the time. Sometimes they just want to be of service.

So let them.

Go! Be! Do!

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