Founder of LP Speak / Mental Wellness Coach / Author

Lots of people, especially people of color and historically marginalized groups, are skeptical about therapy and as a result delay seeking help. During the Covid 19 crisis, therapists were stretched thin, and it was hard to find help.

LP Speak coaches and helps people, primarily women, manage anxiety, depression, and general life changes using a five-step process that focuses on their habits and spells HAPPY; Hear your truth, Acknowledge your feelings, give yourself Permission to feel better, Purge the past, and Yield to the new life you’ve created. It is a process that can be applied to both your personal and professional life.

This process has helped me and many women I’ve shared it with through the years.

We offer this process through training, workshops, and keynotes for individuals, corporations, and associations.

I began this quest in an effort to break myself out of a low point during my own depression.  I was diagnosed with Anxiety Panic with Depression when I was in my early 20s.

I was inspired by the movie 28 Days starring Sandra Bullock to create a 28-day process to get me out of my funk and hopefully inspire me to just feel like moving forward.  It worked.  I wrote it down in my first book, 28 Days to Happy, and began speaking about it and sharing it with people.  My second book was a collection of blogs I started writing through the years called The Positive Side of the Bad Stuff.

Through the years I never stopped talking about LP Speak, I continued to share my process and my books.  I decided to get my Master in Psychology in 2018 and graduated in 2020. Yes, during Covid.  But it was also during Covid that I learned what I had always suspected; I actually have Bipolar II Disorder. Coupled with menopause I really focused on helping women manage everything that was going on and giving them a self-care toolbox to help manage their daily lives.