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ARE YOU OVERSTIMULATED? How movies, tv, and social media impact your mental health

Imagine it’s midnight, and on the television, you hear the melodic sound of the national anthem playing, followed by grey fuzz like in Poltergeist. And then silence. Until the late 80’s television actually signed off. There was nothing to watch until 6 am in the United States. Today, there is a nonstop launch of new […]

Control or Service?

Some people are deemed “control” freaks. I got to thinking about that. I was watching an old episode of Grey’s Anatomy and there was a patient that had OCD and Cristina, a very strong, very “A” personality person was tending to him. He said that they were alike. The difference is that she had found […]

5 Things Mentally Well People Do Differently?

Updated: Jun 12, 2022 You spend time focusing on going to the doctor when there is a cough or a fever but what about your mental health. While more people are seeing therapy, more than 30 percent of people who suffer from depression, still do not receive treatment. By simply purging your past, you can […]

Mother’s Day

Mother/daughter relationships can be beautiful but some, if not most, mother/daughter relationships are challenging. One of my favorite books is “Whatever Happened to Daddy’s Little Girl – The effect of fatherlessness on African American Women.” It is one of my favorites because it is a really good book but it is also my favorite because […]

What does RESURRECTION mean in your life?

Easter is the observance (not holiday) of the resurrection of Christ. As a Nichiren Buddhist that grew up Baptist, I think about resurrection a little differently these days. Every spiritual practice speaks to resurrection in different ways. For the purposes of this article, I’d like you to take religion out of the equation and think […]

Are You Talking Yourself into the Poor House?

What are your feelings and your self talk around your finances? Your view of your self worth may be stopping you from reaching your financial goals. I have read so many articles that will tell you to use affirmations, create a vision board, or meditate and pray for the money you want in your life. […]