Founder of LP Speak

Mental Wellness Consultant / Author

About Us:

LP Speak is a consulting firm that brings more than 20 years of training to adult learners, Fortune 500 companies, and professional associations. Our company uses evidence-based research, adult learning techniques, and practical experience along with engagement and fun to address the growing challenges that come with fast-paced change, turnover, and hybrid work environments.

We provide engaging, effective training programs and materials to enhance employee knowledge.  We support learning and business objectives that promote teamwork and increased productivity as well as bring awareness to the value of mental wellness on a personal and professional level.

Consulting Services Include:

  • Pre-Training communication and tailoring session to discuss specific pain points.
  • Delivery of training using presentation, small group exercises, role plays, games, etc. (in-person/virtual/self-guided)
  • Post-Training evaluations and follow-up within 30 days. (Provide coaching, goal setting, and future planning-optional)

Who We Serve:

LP Speak serves Corporations and Professional Associations

Value Proposition:

We value fun engagement, open communication, and discovery to breakthrough to the Ah Ha moment!

Mission Statement: A leading provider of proven soft skills training and resources that are cost effective to organizations.

Vision Statement: Awaken and utilize the inherent H.A.P.P.Y. that lives within every person to enhance their core competencies and add value and confidence to every personal and professional endeavor.

Core Competencies:

We provide inviting, insightful, and actionable solutions.  We design tailored learning content for adult learners in an organizational setting that is applicable, out of the box, and will create a HABIT that will last long after your event. Our content can be tailored and delivered through in-person, virtual, or self-guided trainings and workshops.

About Leslie:

I began this quest in an effort to break myself out of a low point during my own depression.  I was diagnosed with Anxiety Panic with Depression when I was in my early 20s.

I was inspired by the movie 28 Days starring Sandra Bullock to create a 28-day process to get me out of my funk and hopefully inspire me to just feel like moving forward.  It worked.  I wrote it down in my first book, 28 Days to Happy, and began speaking about it and sharing it with people.  My second book was a collection of blogs I started writing through the years called The Positive Side of the Bad Stuff.

Through the years I never stopped talking about LP Speak, I continued to share my process and my books.  I decided to get my Master in Psychology in 2018 and graduated in 2020. Yes, during Covid.  But it was also during Covid that I learned what I had always suspected; I actually have Bipolar II Disorder. Coupled with menopause I really focused on helping women manage everything that was going on and giving them a self-care toolbox to help manage their daily lives.